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Thursday, 21 January 2010 10:36
Major milestones of Intec in 2009

Projects implemented

Intec Company continued providing information technology consulting services to BHP Billiton Mongolia office until July 31, 2009, steadily and reliably providing services for past 4 years.

Intec Company implemented “Organizing advanced level-up ICT training for primary school teachers of Mongolia” component of “Education for All – Fast Track Initiative partnership” program jointly implemented by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia and Catalytic Fund. The main objective of this project is to improve primary education quality by supporting methodological progress of primary school teachers and by equipping them with skills to use ICT creatively in day-to-day teaching. Within this project, the 3-stages of training for trainers were organized in August 2009 training over 2,200 trainers (including primary education and information technology specialists of Educational and Cultural Departments of aimags and Ulaanbaatar districts, primary education training managers, informatics subject teachers and primary school teachers), who are in turn conducted training as 4th stage of training at schools for over 7,000 primary school teachers from 594 schools of Mongolia. The monitoring activities were conducted in October 2009 together with the research team of Tokyo Institute of Technology of Japan and national independent consultants. The monitoring was conducted in 2 aimag center and 3 soums schools of 5 aimags – Bayan-Ulgii, Bayankhongor, Dornod, Umnugovi and Selenge aimags. The team travelled over 6,000 kms. 
Intec Company conducted study on “Mongolian web presence” and “Research among Internet cafés located in aimag centers”. The reports of these studies were published in the proceedings of “International Conference on Information Communications Technology” by School of Information and Communications Technology and Computer Science and Management School of Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST), ICTPA, Communications Regulatory Committee (CRC) of Mongolia, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea and IEEK Communications Security, Korea.

Intec Company has conducted a study to document Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects implemented in Mongolia in infrastructure and social services sectors of Mongolia. The study was financed by UNICEF of Mongolia and delivered to National Development and Innovation Committee of Mongolia.

Awards and recognition
Intec Company has been awarded with the “Best information technology training – 2009” award for successful organization of the advanced ICT training for primary school teachers.

Training and capacity building
As agreed in the Letter of Exchange (LOE) signed by Information, Communications Technology and Postal Authority of Mongolia (ICTPA) and Intec Company is signatory to this LOE, Ms. L. Ariunaa participated in the Second training of trainers workshop held in Korea in March, 2009 together with Mr. D.Baigal from Academy of Management of Mongolia. Following this, the training for information technology specialists and heads of departments of government agencies and organizations was organized in May 2009, two-weeks long training attended by over 60 officials.

In October 2009, Ms. L. Ariunaa participated in the launching of the Russian language version of “Academy of ICT essentials for government leaders” in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, followed by National workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. In November 2009, Ms. L. Ariunaa participated in the Third training of trainers on Module 8 “Funding options for ICT projects” in Incheon, Korea together with Mr. D. Baigal from Academy of Management, Ms. G.Enkhzul from ICTPA and Ms. P. Oyuntuya from Ministry of Finance of Mongolia.

Staff and achievements
On staff level, there were some changes in the staffing. Ms. A. Khaliun joined Intec team from February 2009 upon graduation from School of Mathematics and Computer Science of National University of Mongolia with Bachelor of Management of Information Systems. Ms. Bulgan, office manager/human resource manager, got back to work in July 2009, after taking maternity leave of delivering baby.

There were individual achievements of our staff. Ms. L.Sayanaa has been elected as Vice President of Junior Chamber International (JCI), the first Mongolian to be elected as Vice President of World International Organization. For this achievement, Ms. L. Sayanaa has been awarded with Certificate of Recognition from Mongolian JCI.

Ms. L. Ariunaa worked as a Board Member for “DREAM-IT” project funded by International Development Research Center (IDRC) and implemented by Datacom Co. Ltd. “DREAM-IT” stands for “Development Research to Empower All Mongolians through Information and Communications Technology” is a three-year Mega Mongolia project with main objective to build capacities of researchers of Mongolia through ICT. Representing “DREAM IT” project, Ms. L. Ariunaa participated in the “Information Communications Technology Development” conference held in Qatar in May 2009. The conference was organized by Carnegie Melon University of Qatar, supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IDRC and Qatar Foundation. In June 2009, the IDRC Partners’ conference was held in Malaysia, which was attended by “DREAM IT” board, including Ms. L.Ariunaa

“Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009/2010” has been released in June 2009, where Chapter on Mongolia was written by Ms. L. Ariunaa and Ms. S. Uyanga.

We would like to thank you all for your support and cooperation in 2009 and look forward for fruitful cooperation in 2010.

Intec Team.