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Past projects

Public transport information and communication technology TA-7556 (MON)
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012 13:54

In 2011 Intec was involved in a  Technical Assistance (TA) project which included Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems and Integrated Circuit Card (ICC)-ticketing system. Intec was engaged to develop and deliver a feasibility study on these systems for use in Mongolia. 

The project was  funded by the Asian Development Bank  and was led by Korean company Daeyeong Ubitec. Intec was successfully chosen to deliver services as a locally-based support team.

Intec conducted analysis on the current situation in the public transport services sector, the policy and regulations governing the sector and the existing financial and IT infrastructure to support the sector. This involved significant stakeholder engagement with organisations ranging from bus companies, government agencies, investment banks and major IT companies. From the analysis, Intec designed a process system and implementation plan for the systems. Additionally Intec provided Daeyeong with analysis and funding models to implement the project. 

Intec played a key role in developing this project, having arranged all the meetings, completed a ridership survey, translation of documents and gathered data and arranged seminars at the inception, midterm and completion of the project. 

Introducing "Academy of ICT essentials for government leaders" to Mongolia
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Saturday, 19 September 2009 16:20

Since 2008, Intec Company has been working to introduce "Academy of ICT essentials for Government leaders" 8-module training program developed by United Nations Asia Pacific Training Center on Information and Communications Technology (UN APCICT) based in Korea.

Intec has been working with Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) of Mongolia on introducing "Academy of ICT essentials for government leaders" focused on building local capacity, localization of the content of "Academy" into Mongolia and integrating "Academy" program into training for government leaders.

Regional ICT in education project of ADB

Regional ICT in education project of ADB

"Current situation of ICT in education" joint project of ICTA, CRC and MIDAS/MONITA

Digital review of Asia Pacific 2006/2007, APDIP

Assessment of network, computer hardware and software

Project objectives

The network of Cabinet Secretariat has been established back in 1997 within framework of "ICT for Sustainable Human Development" project of UNDP. Since then, no major changes were made in the network. Considering the need of Cabinet Secretariat to open up its services to public and provide information to citizens, there was a need of updating existing network. With this in mind, the Intec Company has been engaged by The Asian Foundation to conduct assessment of the current situation of network, hardware and software at Cabinet Secretariat and provide recommendations on improvements.

Project activities

The assessment was carried out for a period of 2 weeks, during which, the Intec Company team worked with staff of Cabinet Secretariat to identify current situation of the network (topology, connection, hardware and software) as well as developed recommendations on how to improve it.

Project activities

The report of the assessment along with recommendations related to software, hardware, network, infrastructure, human resourses, and others has been delivered to Cabinet Secretariat and evaluated as very professionally developed assessment and report.