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Digital review of Asia Pacific 2007/2008

The completely updated edition of the Digital Review of Asia Pacific contains authoritative reports on how 31 economies are using ICT in business, government and civil society written by senior authors who live and work in the region. Included are two subregional chapters on ASEAN and APEC.

Also included six thematic chapters on various facets of ICT for Development, all specifically focussed on the region:

  • ICT4D: An Overview of Emerging Issues

  • Mobile and Wireless Technologies

  • ICTs in Risk Communication

  • Localization

  • Key Policy issues in Intellectual Property

  • The State and Evolution of ICTs - a Tale of Two Asias

The reviews of the 31 economies cover the following aspects of the ICT sector:

  • Local online content

  • Online services

  • Industries

  • Key national Initiatives

  • Enabling policies

  • Regulatory environment

  • Open source software

  • Research and development

  • Trends

This edition is co-published with Sage Publications, and the book can be ordered from their websites in India and the UK.