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Ariunaa Lkhagvasuren
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Monday, 25 January 2010 10:56


Ms. L. Ariunaa
L. Ariunaa is CEO and founder of Intec Company. She has Master’s of Business System from Monash University, Australia and Master of Business Administration with specialization on international management awarded from Case Western Reserve University, USA and International Management Center, Hungary.
L. Ariunaa has been working in information and communications technology sector of Mongolia since 1987, starting her career as a software developer (programmer), network administrator, project manager/coordinator and director. She has extensive work experience of working in both government organizations and international and donor organizations.
L. Ariunaa has done quite a number of publications, mostly in international journals and books. She is author and co-author for Chapter on Mongolia for Digital Review Asia Pacific 2005-2006, 2007-2008 and 2009-2010; “Encyclopedia of digital government”; On-line journal of space communications; “Mobilizing communities for participation in E-government initiatives for Poor and marginalized”, Mongolian Information and Communications Technology workforce demand study”; Mega-survey on Effective use of ICT in education, ”ICT in education of Mongolia”, UNESCO; Research on ICT in state and governmental organizations, IDRC; etc.
L. Ariunaa has been involved in extensive number of surveys and researches related to the professional IT human resource demand needs, baseline survey on the ICT knowledge and demands for ICT training among primary school teachers; Mongolian web presence, study among Internet cafés of Ulaanbaatar and rural areas; ICT curriculum in tertiary institutions, etc.
L. Ariunaa is a certified consulting engineer in information technology since 2007. For her outstanding work, Ms. L. Ariunaa has been awarded with the “Leading information and communications technology sector specialist” award from Government of Mongolia in 2005. In 2010, Ms. L. Ariunaa has been presented with the "Recognition of Service to Australian Business" issued by Australian Government, Australian Trade Commission.