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• Information and communications technology application
• Strategic seminars for management and leadership
• Training for staff development and their capacity building
• Usage of ICT 
 Others as per clients’ request 

 Intec is a shareholding company of “ITEM” Co., Ltd. which offers 3 training programs in cooperation with APTECH Limited, India:
1. APTECH Worldwide Mongolia training center offers APTECH Computer Certified Professionals program on programming engineering, systems
administration and IT project management (Since 2007);
2. ARENA Multimedia Mongolia Training center  offers ARENA Multimedia Specialist program on graphic designing, multimedia engineering, video and online gaming and website designing (Since 2008)
3. APTECH Plus program for middle and high school students to equip with basic skills of information technologies. 
Highlights of trainings organized by Intec up-today:
1. Rolling out of “National Academy of ICT essentials for Government Leaders” in Mongolia in cooperation with United Nations Asia Pacific Center for ICT and the Postal and ICT Authority of Mongolia
2. “Level-up training on advanced skills of information technology for primary school teachers” in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia and the Catalytic Fund (jointly funded by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank)
3. ICT capacity building training for the staff of Mongolia office of the World Health Organization 
4. Training on ICT for HIV/AIDS professionals working on prevention of HIV/AIDS in cooperation with the National Coordinating Committee of HIV/AIDS Prevention of Mongolia
5. Training on Public-Private Partnership for Government Leaders of Mongolia in cooperation with the Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia, ICT Authority of Mongolia and the World Bank