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Intec Company supports primary school teachers to upgrade their ICT skills
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Friday, 18 December 2009 15:14
Intec Company has sponsored and co-organized the Contest on ICT skills among primary school teachers in partnership with the Education and Cultural Department (ECD) of Ulaanbaatar city, the capital of Mongolia, aimed at supporting and encouraging primary school teachers to use modern information technologies in their classroom teaching and preparations of teaching materials.
The contest was organized in 3 stages: at school level, at districts level, and at Ulaanbaatar level. All primary school teachers of the general educational schools of 9 districts of Ulaanbaatar city participated in this contest at their school levels, the best of whom competed at the district level to represent districts at Ulaanbaatar city contest.
On December 17, the final round of the contest was organized in the “Setgemj” school of Bayangol district of Ulaanbaatar city when 9 primary school teachers who represented each of 9 districts competed how well they have applied ICTs in their teaching methodologies and working with students of primary grades, and Ms. Lkham from Nalaih district of Ulaanbaatar city was selected as the best. The judging panel was composed of IT and primary education experts of the ECD of Ulaanbaatar city, Intec Company and the “One laptop per child” program of the Government of Mongolia.
Intec Company has expressed its commitment to support school teachers and plans to continue to cooperate with the Education and Cultural Department (ECD) of Ulaanbaatar city to implement this contest on annual basis with the possible extension for national level in 2010.