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Consulting services
Consulting services
Assist in implementation and use of ICT in organizations, including system and network assessment
Propose optimal, custom-tailored and demand-based solutions for clients based on their needs
Cooperate with national and international and donor organizations on designing, planning, implementation and monitoring of the ICT related projects and programs
Provide technical and logistics support in initial setting up and maintenance of corporate offices with coverage of all IT related solutions: hardware warrant and network support service, software support service, data and network access security service, assets management report and vendor management among the other support services on regular and on-call basis
Serve as intermediary linkage for foreign and domestic parties to connect and establish relationships with various stakeholders in Mongoia: governmental and non-governmental organizations, international and donor community and private sector.
Highlights of consulting work experience of Intec up-today:
BHP Billiton Mongolia office
Anglo American Development LLC
Rio Tinto Exploration  
Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia
APTECH Worldwide Mongolia Training Center
NextCom Group
National Civil Service council of Mongolia